In this post, we’re sharing some amazing tips that you need for your plants to get through the drought. If we are talking about the term “drought tolerant” that means the plant is able to survive during prolonged periods of dry weather—be it hot or cold.

These are the steps which you can do to help your shrubs to get through drought

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  1. Amend your soil with an organic soil conditioner, such as compost, peat moss, or composted manure. Regard­less of your soil type, the amendments will improve its structure and increase its ability to retain moisture.
  2. Plant at the correct time of year for your region, which most likely will not be in the heat of summer. In the Southeast, we plant in the mild temperatures of September or October before the Novem­ber rains begin. This reduces the water we need to apply to establish the shrub. And even while the top growth is going dormant, the roots are still developing. The rewards are well-established, deep roots and a strong flush of spring growth.
  3. Water shrubs consistently for the first three to four weeks after they are planted; be sure they don’t dry out. Water deeply only once or twice as needed during the first summer they are on the ground. Deep but infrequent watering will encourage a deep root system, which provides a better chance of surviving prolonged periods without water.
  4. Apply mulch. We recommend a 2-inch-deep layer of mulch applied once a year. It will keep the soil cool and moist and will reduce weeds.

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