Lucky Bamboo Plant - How to Grow and take care

Lucky Bamboo Plant, is a small plant that is planted inside the house. The bamboo plant is a very beautiful plant. According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered very lucky. This plant can also be kept inside the house. In fact, it is a kind of tropical water lily, it belongs to Africa. Bamboo tree is said to be very auspicious in Feng Shui Shui. Keeping in this house keeps the effect of happiness peace inside the house, and the energy of the positive energy continues.

The scientific name of a bamboo tree – is bambusoideae. The bamboo plant belongs to the family -Poaceae. 10,000 species of this plant are found. Feng Shui Bamboo is considered to be very auspicious for home and office. There are many varieties available in the market. It is believed that the place where it grows is considered to be very lucky.

How to grow and take care for a Lucky Bamboo plant

Before planting this plant, check for its leaves, if the colour of the leaves is pale or brown, it means that the plant is not healthy. Therefore, that is not suitable to plant or grow, always prefer the green leafy bamboo plant. You can grow the plant with only water and stones or even in the soil. It depends on the grower. But it is very simple and easy to grow this plant in water and stones.

If you are thinking of growing in the water, it is necessary to keep at least 1-3 inch water in a container and put sufficient amount of stones and glass tablets to keep the water stable. If you want to put it in the soil then use fertile soil for it. Prefer porous soil only because it keeps the flow of water under control. The soil should always be wetted. Do not keep this plan directly in the sunlight, because excessive sunlight can harm the leaves of Lucky Bamboo. The light in the room is far enough for this plant.

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How to make use of right fertilizer

Always use the right organic fertilizer to grow it. Because of this the growth of this plant would have been done correctly. Do not use any chemical fertilizer anyway, because sometimes more chemical is not suitable for plants. If you are grinding it in water, then give it Liquid fertilizer so that it gets nutritious element properly. It will be good to keep the bamboo plant away from chemicals like chloride and fluoride. Because these are very sensitive to these chemicals. If Tip burning is being complained in Bamboo leaves, then do not use tap water at all. In the tip burn, the next part of the leaves gets burned, use mineral water to fix it.

Uses and Benefits of Lucky Bamboo plant

  • The lucky bamboo plant is considered a good luck charm.
  • It keeps the house in the form of a good fortune carrier.
  • If you are using it to polish fate, then use this plant with five elements of Feng Shui – earth, fire, metal, water and wood.
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