Wanna know about bonsai?

Well in simple words Bonsai is an art. This is the art of planting a tree in a pot or in a container. Though it is a Japanese art and cultural phenomenon, it has its roots in China.

It is grown for decoration purpose as these trees are not cultivated and grown to produce food or any kind of medicine. Growing Bonsai are not only used to show the hard-work and discipline of the grower but they are also created to give the viewer an opportunity to contemplate and think.

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Here are some things you should know before going to plant a Bonsai:

  1. Bonsai originated in China: Contrary to popular belief, this art emerged from China and gradually shifted to Japan. Currently, it is Japan which has made this art of growing trees or potted plants a global phenomenon.
  2. Growing a Bonsai is not About Gardening Only: Traditionally, this art is not seen as a demonstration of your gardening skills but rather as an indication of your stamina, patience and ability to focus and concentrate. Growing a Bonsai tree, therefore, is more of a self-help type of effort to discipline your mind and character. Traditional Chinese and Japanese culture views growing a bonsai tree as an experiment to test one’s limits of patience and acceptance.
  3. Grow them from Seed: It is always great to grow the tree from a seed instead of buying one from the market or getting one from the forest. Growing from the seed could be challenging and time-consuming but it is considered as the most rewarding experience of growing a Bonsai Tree. You need to make sure you choose the seeds carefully and obtain them directly from the Bonsai tree itself instead of buying it from the market.
  4. Bonsai Trees require caring and time: If you want to cultivate, make sure you give proper time to it. The pruning and wiring of the tree require time and care. If you are someone who wants quick results, growing a Bonsai tree may not be for you.
  5. You need to buy equipment: Bonsai tree care requires some equipment to purchase and make use of. To effectively do the wiring and pruning, you will require buying relevant equipment. Make sure you have them handy and available with you so that you can start the care right from the start.
  6. Re-potting of the tree: It is extremely important that you continue to re-pot your tree as it grows in size and vigor. As the tree grows, make sure you report them at frequent intervals. Changing the pot is extremely important for the overall growth of the tree and if you ignore the same, you may not be able to grow a healthy bonsai tree in the minimum time required.
  7. You can also buy them instead of growing them on your own: If you decide to buy the tree instead of growing it, make sure you buy it from specialist nurseries. Since their care requires time, therefore, you must invest time in finding specialist Bonsai nurseries to buy the one which suits your budget and personal preferences. Make sure you do your research before deciding which quality you want to buy.
  8. Choose the style carefully: Growing a Bonsai tree is the great source of inspiration if you can also carve out a style of the tree. Carefully deciding on the style matters a lot and you need to be clear on this before planting and growing your tree. Probably one of the most important criteria to decide on the style of the tree is to check whether the roots are fixed in soil or in the rocks.

Above are simple facts you should know before deciding to grow because if you learn more about them, you will be better able to grow and cultivate them.

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