There are many trees widely available for small spaces or for smaller gardens and it is in all shapes and sizes, evergreen and deciduous. Given that many of us have limited space in which to garden, it becomes important that any trees chosen are right for their surroundings, in terms of proportion as well as for their decorative value.

Planning to plant a Tree and occupy a small space? Here is the solution

  1. Crabapple
  2. Redbud
  3. Crape Myrtle
  4. Flowering Dogwood
  5. Kousa Dogwood
  6. Saucer Magnolia
  7. Fringe Tree
  8. Golden Chain Tree
  9. Carolina Silverbell
  10. Hawthorn
  11. Japanese Maple
  12. Golden-Rain Tree
  13. Serviceberry
  14. Mountain Stewartia
  15. Snowbell
  16. Pagoda Dogwood
  17. Japanese Tree Lilac
  18. Chaste Tree
  19. Powderpuff
  20. Mimosa

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These are the Practical considerations before plan small trees

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a tree for a small garden. Here are some of the more important ones

  • Height and spread: This is probably the most important factor. Even small ornamental trees may, over time, reach a height of 6-8m (20-26ft) or more. If this is too much, consider a weeping form, as these rarely increase much in height, or choose a large shrub. If spread is a problem, such as in a very restricted area, consider a columnar tree, as these do not spread appreciably
  • Season of interest: Consider when you want your tree to look good, thinking about flowering time, foliage, fruit and bark. If you only have room for one tree ideally look for one with more than one season of interest such as fruit or autumn colour following on from flowers
  • Deciduous or evergreen: Both types of trees have their advantages, the obvious one for evergreens being that they keep their leaves throughout the year. But many deciduous trees provide lovely autumn foliage colours not available with evergreen
  • Trees for specific locations: Growing trees in containers and/ or need wet soils
  • Trees and buildings: many people worry about planting a tree close to a property, and there can be risks in doing so.

To avoid planting a tree too large for the site, it may help to draw a scale plan of your garden and plot the size of your tree at maturity. If planting in the corner of your garden, be aware that most of the canopy will shade neighbouring gardens.

If you want to share some interesting information about trees who occupy less space, feel free to leave a comment below.

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